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Thresholds by vantid
Completed commission for Wolfwings, the spotted owl and red wolf critter.

I was inspired by Myst 3, the Age Amateria. I downloaded and tweaked a Sketchup model of the building and traced the line art for the perspective and lighting. Thank goodness for today’s resources! I can’t draw something like this, so I’m grateful for something like Sketchup as a tool.

I had to figure out the reflections on my own which is always very difficult, but I learn a little more each time I throw myself against that texture. Since completing this piece 7 months ago, I've learned even more and see ways to improve reflections next time!

Painted in Corel Painter X.
Expanding Horizons, an Artists Sojourn by vantid
Expanding Horizons, an Artists Sojourn
Have you heard?!…

A bunch of artists, writers, all dreamers and creative folk, are going to Africa this April. We're running a Kickstarter to raise funds for an amazing book stuffed with art and stories and maybe some smudges of dirt.

We've already blasted through a couple stretch goals, and almost broken the third! Geez!!! Massive thanks to all of you who have already pledged, shared, and offered words of encouragement! All of us are looking forward to putting this book together to share our journey with you.

One of my personal reward tiers is a custom sculpted bust of an animal! I only have one slot left, along with a colored pencil portrait. Since we've met some stretch goals, I get to paint the sculptures! Oh boy oh boy.

Here is a sample of a sculpture I made for my husband for Christmas, still unpainted as I don't yet have acrylics. Look at his smug happy face. Smuggins.…
Lionel by vantid
Colored pencil portrait of a steampunk Lionel as he pauses for a moment, drenched in sunlight and warm winds.

Prismacolor pencils on Stonhenge paper.
The Inner Waters by vantid
The Inner Waters
Somewhere, far away, submerged ruins reflect in crystal waters. These mysteries lay undisturbed for untold centuries until the intrepid adventurers :iconutunu: and :iconkikivuli: use deep magic and clever might to work their way into the inner waters of the lost city.

Now Utunu has found a prize for his beloved hyena, who waits above with some mischief in mind. Poor 'Tunus.

Created in Corel Painter X for the wonderful Kikivuli and Utunu.
Capillary Action by vantid
Capillary Action
My piece for the amazing Werewolf Calendar 2015! Have you seen the other art that has been done for next year? Augh, it’s all so good!  Pre-orders open on Sept. 1st, 2014 at Midnight US Pacific time!

"Not unlike their human counterparts, Werewolves are highly ritualistic beings, and each pack possesses their own unique rituals that are performed for the perceived benefit of their livelihood. Hunting for food is a large part of werewolf life and as a result a great deal of their culture is centered around the success of the hunt.  Werewolves attempt to draw in good fortune for their hunts through elaborate song, decoration, adornments, dance, and sometimes even specific sequence of events. Many believe that a successful hunt heavily depends on the exacting nature of these rituals, and therefore delegate the performance of these sacred rites to the most worthy and experienced members of the pack."

I am entranced by inventing otherworldly creature cultures, and the calendar’s vision of werewolves is rich inspiration. Imagine a hunting ceremony that is an intricate dance of controlled patient power, which culminates in gracefully allowing the deep red cloth to fall into warm, salty water. The cloth darkens, drawing in water to symbolize drawing fresh blood. If the dance is done right, the hunt should be good.

The travertine pools of Pamukkale, Turkey, fascinate me, so I was happy to have a chance to paint this natural wonder alongside the supernatural.

Once again I challenged myself with texture and light, why do I paint so much water?? Painted in Corel Painter X
I've been rather inactive on DA the last year or two. I was overwhelmed by the number of submissions in my inbox and could never browse them all. I finally unwatched most of the Groups and that has helped cut down the volume to an easily manageable trickle of delightful artwork. I know I am missing out on some really cool art in the groups, but I miss everything when there are suddenly over a thousand deviations and I don't have time to browse them all.

I also haven't been uploading as much of my work. I was away from DA so much that when I did come back, the upload interface was always different. Whyyyyy. It makes me feel like an old lady who can't figure out why her computer won't turn on because it's unplugged. Even posting journals confuses me. Journal portal, what?? Featured? Featured where?

I've been keeping very busy! I have some exciting news to share as well as several cool commission, personal projects, and the ever wonderful Werewolf Calendar. In the meantime, I started up an Etsy store!  Right now I have prints, which I make myself on my awesome giclee printer. I will be listing several originals next month, so watch the store for availability!
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Amber Hill
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Amber "Vantid" Hill is an accomplished artist who specializes in fantasy wildlife illustration. She is self-taught with a strong background in animal painting and anatomy. Amber's interest in the natural world began at an early age and inspired a life of drawing and observation.

In addition to art, she enjoys organic gardening and permaculture, cooking, travel, animal training, staring at moss, and dreaming of chickens. She currently resides in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with her dashing husband.

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